Sheet Music of G.Faure composed “Elegy”

I wrote the sheet music.

One of my favorite piece, is the music of the sheet music of ” Elegy ” of Faure composer.

I have added the sheet music to Sheet Music Donloads page.

you can download from the link below.

ガブリエル・フォーレ作曲の「エレジー」の楽譜を公開します。 コントラバスソロ用の楽譜です。

Is a piece that was written for cello originally, but is in the sheet music can play in the double bass.

Videos that are playing this piece in the double bass on YouTube had been some public.

One of them is the video below.

How was it? Do you want to play in the double bass ?

Since the piece solo not easy, but by all means, please try to challenge download!



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